If you want to be warmer this winter (and many winters to come) then this Ancient Discovery may bring warmth to you and your family. 

Here's the story...

My ancestors come from the Chipewyan tribe. They survived centuries of brutal cold without any modern conviences. How? 

Before letting us outside into the elements my mother would place an ancient traditional secret into our mittens. This secret kept us warm and safe from frostbite, for hours, chemicals or disposable plastics that only last a short time and are harmful to both us and the environment. 

The secret was simply a small piece of fur. 

Most folks these days have never been exposed to the incredible softness and warmth of beaver fur. Modern soulutions can't rival its incredible heat properties. 

People are amazed at the instant warmth created by our Aurora Heat solutions. This is a typical reaction the first time someone touches our traditional warmers...

My mother,